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The family does not end here and we could tell you many things: Bruno was called the King of the Brenta and then, when he was older, the Guardian of the Brenta for the particular charisma acquired over the years.

With his brothers, Catullo and Giordano, he dedicated part of the Via Ferrata delle Bocchette the Oliva Detassis path, to their Mother and to all the Mothers of Alpinists.

Nella contributed with her work, her elegant intelligence and culture to make the Brentei refuge and then the Detassis Hotel in Campiglio two places of the spirit.

Claudio wanted to remember our parents by adopting and restoring a path in Madonna di Campiglio already called "Angelina Weg" and now "Sentiero Nella and Bruno Detassis" which tells of love and philosophy of the mountains.

And I? I will be your guest if you choose to stay at the Chalet dei Pini, my activities and interests are many, but welcome and hospitality are two aspects to which I dedicate passion and attention.



Towards the end of the 1930s, a somewhat special couple settled in Madonna di Campiglio: the well-known climber Lui, recognized as one of the sixth grade school leaders, then one of the greatest expressions of mountaineering, Alpine Guide and Ski Instructor. Swimming Champion She, from Trieste, first Italian ski instructor, reserve for the 1936 Alpine Skiing Olympics. Bruno Detassis and Nella Cristian: from their meeting a partnership was born that not even the war years and imprisonment could scratch and which left a mark as a virtuous example of mountain life.

In 1947 they became managers of the Maria and Alberto ai Brentei Refuge where they would live for sixty years.

They had 2 children, I, Jalla, who I am telling you the story, with a good sporting past in alpine skiing, ski instructor, hotelier and Claudio whose already brilliant skiing career put an end to a series of serious accidents which, however, did not prevented him from becoming a Mountain Guide, Ski Instructor and Coach as well as from engaging in the activity of Refugee.

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